Pakistan Appeal 2024

Pakistan Appeal 2024

The situation in Pakistan

In addition to high levels of poverty across such a large population, vulnerable communities are also forced to contend with the effects of earthquakes, floods and droughts year after year. Reconstruction costs in the aftermath of these disasters have placed additional stresses on Pakistan’s fragile economy and local families’ daily lives. Pakistan is also host to one of the largest refugee populations worldwide. The impact of contaminated water sources, limited healthcare provision, and shortages of water and sanitation all contribute to communities’ daily struggle to survive.

Some fact findings - 24% of the population are living in poverty – around 53 million people (World Bank, 2020), one fifth of the population is undernourished, 50% aged 15 and older is illiterate (UNESCO, 2017), currently 60%. In 2021, there was a very devastating flood in Pakistan, we raised a good amount of money that time for food distribution. But the flood after effect remains with many in poverty and lack of earnings.

Aid Infinity team will be flying out to Pakistan to deliver some much needed aid and overlook some amazing charity projects. The people of Pakistan really need our help, are you willing to respond?

This is your opportunity to help those in need and build for your hereafter. Don’t miss out! 

 Projects we plan to deliever:

1. Water Well - Community well which provides water for a village or hand pump for families; will cost about £1000. 

2. Orphan Support - Essential items for orphans living in orphanage; will cost about £20 per orphan. 

3. Food Packs - Distributing food packs with essential food itmes, will cost about £25 per pack. 

4. Widow Support - Distributing cash donations from zakat money. 

5. Self-Sustaining Support - Distributing sewing machines (including training) and livestocks which will help families to generate income to self sustain; will cost about £2000 for 20 people. 

6. School/Madrasa Rehabilitation - Carry out refurnishing work in Primary schools/madrasa with lack of required facilities; will cost about £1500. 

7. Masjid Refurbishment - Masjid renovation/repairing work due to flood and damage; will cost about £1000. 

8. Back to school pack - Essential school items for the poor; will cost about £20 per student. 

9. Eye Camp - Facilitating a camp for about 200/400 individuals to get eye treatment; will cost about £4000. 

(*Projects are subject to change depending on logistics on the ground, cost may vary)



Other payment methods

Bank Transfer

To make a donation directly via bank transfer, please use bank details below:
Aid Infinity
Sort Code: 30-96-26
Account No: 72882260
Reference: “Pakistan2024 ”

Please inform us of your transfer via email to:

Please specify your Bank Reference, Full Name, Address, Donation Amount, Donation Type and Project.

Please also inform us if you are a UK tax payer so your donation can be Gift Aided. Gift Aid allows you to increase your donation by 25% at no extra cost.

It is important that you notify us if your donation is for Zakah. Otherwise we will receipt it as general Sadaqah for all mentioned projects.